Why I Love Photography?

An adult Greenfinch stopping by for breakfast in a garden in Tulsk Co Roscommon

By Work Experience Student Chloe Plummer

Why I Love  Photography?

Submitted by Chloe Plummer

I don’t just like photography… I love it! There is so much to learn from it,  and, given  the different aspects of photography be it landscape, portrait, food photography, fashion photography, wildlife and sports photography etc., sure what’s not to love about it.  At the moment, as I am taking part in a work experience placement, I am exploring the different elements of photojournalism.

I first started taking pictures in second year in secondary school.  I used my own phone to do this, and I really enjoyed it.  However, as I got more interested in it, I decided it was time I got a camera.  In October of 2019, my godmother bought me a Powershot SX430 IS camera.  This is a perfect beginner’s camera, and great if you’d like to start-up on your own. It’s always best not to spend too much money on a more expensive piece of equipment until you’re feeling more comfortable with your newfound hobby.

As I’m a keen amateur photographer, I still have this camera and it has served me very well. When I go out and take my pictures, I forget what’s happening in the world; everything  just goes quiet for me, and, as I focus on my photography,  I  feel like I can conquer anything, so long as I have  my camera in my hand.

My favorite photography Youtubers are The North Borders; their channel is amazing, and they really inspire me. You should think about checking them out.  I am considering becoming a photographer when I finish my education, and,  while  I’m not exactly sure what type of photography I would love to do, what with the advance in the latest technologies, sure there’s a whole world of fun and fabulous opportunity and creativity quite literally on our doorsteps…all just waiting to be explored.

Thank you for reading.


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