Whidden Workshops – It’s Kushti to Rokker

With September just around the corner, are you starting a new course or preparing for your first day in a new college?  If so come join us for the first in a series of Whidden Workshops – it’s Kusti to Rocker, next Friday the 31st of July from 1 – 3pm.  Where we will have a number of Traveller and Roma students getting together on Zoom.  These students will share their stories while also offering up advice for any prospective students from each of their communities.

There will be Traveller and Roma students who are currently studying Business, Community and Youth Work, Teaching, in apprenticeships and a number of others joining in to talk about their experience.

The event is being hosted by Cork Institute of Technology, Maynooth University and College Connect. If you’d like any further information you can call or email Declan at 087 331 3412 or declan.markey@mu.ie . Or contact your local Traveller organisation for information.  

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