Involve Traveller Culture and Identity Project



As the result of a scoping workshop, a need was identified for a standardised, high-quality, cultural training programme which would raise awareness about Traveller culture and history among the general population and national organisations. A need was also identified to give an opportunity for Travellers to know more about their history and culture and to feel personal pride in their identity. The programme will be delivered to Traveller and non-Traveller organisations and groups in a range of ways over multiple formats including Traveller led in-person workshops, online workshops, an internet-based resource bank and a self-study online course.

Training Materials

There are three presentations available on the themes of Irish Traveller History, Irish Traveller Culture, and Irish Travellers Today. All are available in both PDF Manual and Video format; learners must watch the full video before answering the questions relating to this module.

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Involve Traveller Culture and Identity Project (TCIP) has three modules. Upon registration, please ensure to insert your name fully as this will be the name printed on your certificate. Upon completion of the three modules of this course, a learner will be awarded a certificate of completion. Each module has corresponding questions which need to be correctly answered before completion.

Fee for this course is €15.00