Strategic Plan

Involve (In Partnership with Travellers) recognises the equality of the Traveller Community by providing programmes, initiatives and services that promote the participation and inclusion of the Traveller Community in Irish Society. Young people are at the heart of the organisation and are supported with excellent standards in coordinators, staff, volunteers and services.

Involve management and steering committee carefully considered the direction that we must take as a result of the issues and opportunities facing the organisation. These conclusions encompass the overall strategic goals of the organisation and the overall methods to achieve these goals. Involve CLG were determined to ensure participation of all stakeholders in the development of this plan and were mindful of key points throughout this phase.

A consultation document was designed and circulated to all staff and management of the organisation.  Focus groups were held with young people who engage with our youth projects. The feedback from all consultations was compiled and considered for inclusion within the Involve Strategic Plan.

Throughout the consultation phase of the development of this plan, management and staff reviewed the current mission/vision statement and values of the organisation and agreed to continue with existing mission and values statements.

This Strategic plan determines the overall direction and goals of Involve CLG. Consequently, this strategic plan influences numerous aspects of the organisation going forward throughout the duration of the plan.

Download the full Involve CLG Strategic Plan >> Download Here