Involve Youth Project Loughrea

About Us

Involve Youth Project Loughrea operates 2 days per week, offering programmes and activities for Young Travellers aged 10-24 years of age. Our programme schedule aims to support young people so that they can reach their full potential. Programmes and activities are delivered through a range of methodologies that meet the young people where they are at in life, ensuring the best approach. Young people’s development is supported through programmes focusing on the areas of health, both physical and mental, as well as education, employment, wellbeing and participation within wider society.

Covid-19 Information

Although youth work is not taking place in its traditional form during these times, Involve Youth Project Loughrea aims to continue our work-plan through a blend of outreach, digital learning and supports. This is a completely new way of working with our young people and it ensures that our communication is ongoing and that our young people have continued support and assistance.

Outreach is delivered through the supply of activity packs to young people and their families. The main objective of the packs is to stay in touch with young people and empower them by continuing to provide programmes, activities and supports to ensure their wellbeing through;

  • Maintaining a positive approach
  • Developing new skills through pack activities and online tutorials
  • Food plans/recipes
  • Information on Covid 19
  • Positive Mental and Physical Health

Contact Us

Involve Youth Project Loughrea

  • King Street, Loughrea H62K168

  • 083 179 8774


            • APRIL COSTELLO – Youth Work Coordinator
            • LOUISE DELANEY – Senior Youth Worker

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