Enterprise, Employment and Training


Involve are continuing to highlight the unacceptable levels of unemployment in the Traveller Community and as Chair of the Employment sub-committee of the National Traveller and Roma Strategy , we will advocate for employment for Travellers across targeted sectors and activate a number of agreed actions that will support Travellers to access training and employment. 

The following are identified actions the organisation proposes to undertake:

Career Coaching – The Approach that Changes Lives

Our youth workers support the development of young people for a living! We empower, we guide, and we help young people to plan for their future, including their career! Introducing coach training will help Youth workers and volunteer’s transition to the coaching approach of changing lives. We will explore what career planning is and learn how to manage the challenges faced by young people, assess skills, and understand and help young jobseekers identify their strengths.

An evidenced based Approach

More than ever before, the expectations of Youth workers are extraordinary. How can we take the traditional “transaction” role and make it more “transformative” using data to better serve young jobseekers? We will research the strategies, competencies, and evidence-based practices that reach optimum levels of success for young people.  Youth workers will be challenged to think critically about their role in this area of work and we will seek to secure suitable training for workers who have expressed interest in this work.

Systematic Approach to Inclusive Apprenticeships for Individuals from the Traveller Community

We will support the establishment of an Inclusive apprenticeship development strategy that offers job development for underrepresented target groups, including members of the Traveller community.  We will define what this will look like, educate relevant employer and service providers about the advantages of building inclusive apprenticeships, secure the support of government departments through NTRIS (National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy) to ensure successful implementation and create successful career pathways to address todays’ skills shortage and underemployment of members of the Traveller Community.

Re-Thinking Re-Entry: Mindfully Meeting Outcomes

This action will explore the design of pre-employment programs aimed at those most distanced from the labour market, from implementation to outcomes, utilizing best practice models from around the country. Most pre – employment projects are time sensitive, requiring multiple facets of a program to come together in a short period of time to achieve maximum efficacy. We will run workshops to address four key areas of pre-employment programmes including: Recruitment, Partnering with relevant agencies, Management and Retention. The main objective of this work will be to improve successful attainment of key outcomes participants.