Mission statement:

INVOLVE recognises the equality of the Traveller Community by providing programmes, initiatives and services that promote the participation and inclusion of the Traveller Community in Irish Society

INVOLVE is the main provider of Youth work Services for young Travellers throughout the country.  The organisation currently employs 31 people.  There are 14 youth workers, a youth services manager and a national development officer.  There are 8 workers on the Travellers’ Voice magazine project. We have 3 admin staff and a CEO. Additionally, we fund 6 agencies with grants for youth work services that employ 5 youth workers in urban locations. These agencies including National Youth Federation affiliates, Partnership companies, Community Development Projects and local voluntary committees.

INVOLVE delivers support, training and strategy to the youth projects linked to the Association which enhances their development. Each project has its own unique programme of activities and in total, the projects engage with approximately 4,000 youths every year.

The Organisation also collates, edits, publishes and distributes the Travellers’ Voice Magazine.  The Magazine is dedicated to profiling all aspects of the Travelling community both national and international. Its targeted readership is Travellers and the wider community so as to inform the general public on Traveller life and the role they play in society. Established in 1992 the publication has grown to become a valid and respected source of information for this community and those who work within it. The magazine is based in the head offices of INVOLVE.

INVOLVE (formerly NATC) was founded in 1972.  The Organisation’s original function was the representative body for Senior Traveller Training Centres (of which there are now 30) with Government Departments and other Statutory and Voluntary Organisations. The centres were phased out by June 2012  We continue to work with the IVEA, the Further Education Section and other key stakeholders to influence the targeting and prioritizing of members of the Travelling community in adult education services.


The Organisation has representation on relevant national bodies and committees.


Principles and Values:

The core principles of Involve that underpin the work are:

  • We understand that Travellers are a distinct ethnic group, with a shared culture, history and language
  • We believe that racism is a core issue that drives the discrimination Travellers experience
  • We advocate a non-adversarial approach to youth and community work, choosing dialogue over confrontation
  • Transparency, professionalism, consistency and accountability in all aspects of the organisation – from youth club to Board of Management
  • We recognise and acknowledge nomadism as a valid and enriching way of life
  • We emphasise a collaborative approach to the work, seeking like-minded partners to help us achieve  our aims