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Travellers’ Voice is an educational and informative magazine which is a considerable educational force for service providers that have direct contact with members of the Traveller Community. Our zero-jargon, easy-to-read approach ensures that the articles within the magazine are accessible to people with limited literacy skills. It is essential that we maintain this approach while still addressing the serious issues affecting the Traveller Community including mental and physical health as well as the promotion of the benefits of continued education.

Our publication, from its inception in 1991, strives to tell the other side of the story; the positive side of Irish Traveller life, heritage and culture. Crucial funding from Pobal and the Department of Justice ensures that this informative and educational tool is published five times per year and remains the only publication of its kind in Ireland. Travellers’ Voice is also considered an authentic and impartial glimpse into the Traveller Community as the majority population of its team are members of the Community. From a Traveller perspective this insures that it is the trusted source for news and information pertaining to the Community.

In 2014, the publication underwent a major face-lift, re-branding from its previous Voice of the Traveller Magazine to be reborn as Travellers’ Voice Magazine. As a result of effecting these changes, we have enjoyed an immense growth in audience, readership, reach, and in substance, making our content much richer and more attractive in its offerings. The recent development of the magazine website, travellersvoice.ie, is ensuring that the Travellers’ Voice continues to remain current and more accessible to the upcoming generation that rely more and more on social media and the internet to obtain their information.

Travellers’ Voice proudly carries various types of feature articles, reviews, celebrity gossip, health, lifestyle and beauty, advice, travel, inspirational human interest profiles and much, much more besides. Therefore, if you are a teacher, trainer or an educator who is seeking helpful, interesting and educational resources regarding the Traveller Community, our magazine will provide the perfect experience for you. Perhaps you’re simply looking for an entertaining read, something to motivate and challenge you and your students as they learn about different communities and cultures. Travellers’ Voice, with its dynamic features, is exactly the publication you are looking for.

Travellers’ Voice offers space for organisations and businesses to advertise their services directly to the Traveller Community. So, why should you advertise your service through Travellers’ Voice Magazine?

Travellers’ Voice magazine offers clients both a competitive and high level of service from inception, right through to completion. We offer a bespoke service that fits our client’s individual needs. With a pool of experienced editors, journalists and proof readers at your disposal, we ensure that Travellers’ Voice can adapt to meet the unique and bespoke requirements of all advertisers. In addition, our marketing team has the experience that comes from working within tight deadlines and within a range of budgets, meaning that we are happy to meet our clients’ requirements with courtesy and ease.

Travellers’ Voice aims to create beautiful publications as well as engaging digital content for our website. We pride ourselves on our continuous delivery of friendly client relations and support. With an average print readership of 12,000 per issue and growing, as well interactive online articles, making it easy for readers to go directly to our client’s website; advertisers can be assured that we are fully committed to helping them identify and secure new business.

If you would like to discuss advertising with us, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Development and Marketing Department on PH: 090 649 8017

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