Travellers: Degrees Ahead

Another Level



Travellers’ Voice Magazine, in collaboration with Involve Ltd. have recently completed a project promoting the importance of Third level education in the Traveller community.

Degrees Ahead: Another Level is a poster highlighting 8 members of the Travelling community with various educational qualifications ranging from a Bachelor of Law Degree to Degrees in Business and Accounting and Community & Youth work.

These posters is considered an important tool in community development, education centres and schools around Ireland by setting an example within the community as well as highlighting Travellers participating in third level education.

Some Travellers who have pursued third level education have found it difficult to identify themselves as Travellers because of the fear of not being accepted or having their chances of employment after college limited, however, the poster participants were delighted to be part of something where the common goal encouraged people to progress through education. The overall response to our request for people interested in taking part in this project was overwhelming

The poster has been distributed around schools, third level institutes, libraries, adult education centers and organizations throughout the country  in an effort to prove that education within the community is both happening and rewarding.

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