By Joe Kearney

I sang for a living and the road it was my home,
With Jenny by my side I never felt alone.
Jenny was a dancer, a dancer of renown,
Since first I met her by the campfire out of town.
And she said I love you, I’ll never let you down.
Jenny was an angel, everyone did say,
A smile from her would help a sick man for the day.
She danced to my music from hornpipe, gigs and reels
And never thought of lipstick or tiny high heels.
Jenny was a beauty and her hair it was not black,
With golden waves and curls halfway down her back.
Jenny was a dancer she danced from Cork to Donegal.
She was known in every ballroom as the best of them all.
Jenny was attractive with a gleam in her eye,
But the menfolk around her would never never try.
Now when my sweetheart sang to the rhythm of my tune,
All the birds around us would listen and swoon.
Jenny was a Traveller with fire in her heart,
When the Queen came to Ireland, it almost broke her heart.
Then Jenny sang to her a short rebel song,
And the Queen said thank you dear
But it was very, very long.
Our nights were never dreary with
Light from our campfire bright.
When Jenny sang beside me it,
It would set your heart alight.
With call to birds for supper before
We part for the night.
Come all ye friends around me and
Sing with me my song for I must go
Along now to carry on.
It was a winter’s night as we danced once more,
When Jenny said I love you
and she fell to the floor.
On the day we parted all the birds came around,
To sing the last farewell as she was laid to the ground.
I sang for you at night and whistled in the rain
And now you’ve gone and left me
It will never be the same.
I must go to my home now, before the dark of night,
And the birds will sing: Come back home we love you
To Delaney’s Halting Site.