Involve (In Partnership with Travellers) recognises the equality of the Traveller Community by providing
programmes, initiatives and services that promote the participation and inclusion of the Traveller Community in
Irish Society.

A few things we’re great at

Why we are the leading provider of youthwork sevices for young Travellers


Involve is a provider of Youthwork Services for young Travellers throughout the country. Each project has its own unique programme of activities and in total the projects engage with approximately 1,000 youths every year.

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Travellers’ Voice Magazine

Involve collates, edits, publishes and distributes the Traveller Voice magazine. This magazine is
dedicated to profile all aspects of the Traveller community, both national and international.

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Employment, Enterprise and Training

Involve are continuing to highlight the unacceptable levels of unemployment in the Traveller Community and as Chair of the Employment sub-committee of the National Traveller and Roma Strategy , we will advocate for employment for Travellers across targeted sectors and activate a number of agreed actions that will support Travellers to access training and employment.

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Traveller Culture and Identity